Being FAT

As of today, I am still eight (8) pounds overweight. I am having a HARD time losing weight. I’ve tried everything- gym, running, situps, fruit dinner, cutting down on rice, no rice.

I lost 7 pounds and gained it all back in a few weeks time.

What the heck is wrong? How do I really lose all this weight?

It would also seem that the more I try to stop myself from eating, the more I eat.

Maybe if I blogged about this and admitted it, I’d finally lose weight.

So okay here it is. Yes, I am FAT. I am overweight for my height. I do not have a 24-inch waistline, no abs to flaunt, have tons of dimple cellulites on my legs.

And I bet if I don’t lose weight by December, I’d be a bulging, blushing bride.

(Here’s crossing my fingers I finally get enough courage to REALLY, ACTUALLY lose weight.)

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