Thank you, 2010 ♥

2010 is one for the books.

It’s one of the few years of my life, that I wouldn’t mind going thru all over again. It’s been so good to me I’m finding it hard to let it go.

This year, I have regained all that I’ve lost in the last two years- the confident self, the job I love doing, and the unconditional love I have been searching and longing for in my life.

After the bruhaha of ’09…. 2010 has been so much kinder. It welcomed me with open arms, took me back in.

I am very grateful that after a sudden resignation back in 2008, this year I was given the rare opportunity to get a second chance at doing the job I so love. Journalism is truly in my blood, and finding my way back wasn’t as easy as some people think of it to be. I wasn’t given the second chance in a silver platter. I went through the rigorous process and almost thought I wouldn’t get it- but God knew I was meant to do this, and so He gave it back to me. My heart to this last day of 2010 is overflowing with gratitude to all my bosses- for this second chance. I know I have done my job well, but there’s still so much more to do and to give. There are a lot of stories waiting to be told, and I am running on my feet thrilled to cover anything next year.

Because of this job, I have experienced new things, taken on new roads and met new friends. Finally after 27 years and being hydrophobic, I learned to swim. I have also traveled to some parts of Mindanao I only read in books as a child. And yes, while the rest of the country watched history unfold on TV- I was there witnessing the turning of a page in our history as we elected the 15th President, having lunch with probably the most hated President we’ve ever had and understanding her.

But more than this, my heart found its home back again with a love I was unconditionally given by Eder. He let me be, he loves me and that is more than enough. Our love stood the tests of this year and we are closing the year with a much stronger bond than before. I am very blessed to have this man- who may not have all the material riches the world can give, but has a heart full of true and pure love, never tired of listening and holding me through. As long as I have this kind of love, I can endure anything this coming year.

While 2008 was about taking risks, and 2009 was the year when all things failed- 2010 has been my comeback in every way. And yes, like I’ve said before, it feels great to have come home.

Thank you so much 2010, you have been so good.

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Farewell, 2009

God knows how excited I was to welcome 2009. I knew then that my life was about to change this year. I was prepared, I thought. I plunged into it and took my dive, blindly. Little did I realize that the changes would not be the ones I prepared myself for.

I resigned from Jollibee. (June)

I went back to school. (July)

I was suddenly a spokesperson for three expressways. (July)

My ex-fiance broke up with me and called off the wedding. (November)

I met him. (October)

I left NLEX. (December)

If there’s a record holder for being the most crazy year in my life, 2009 would be that. My roller coaster of emotions, the things I’ve been through and continue to endure are way beyond me- that sometimes, I wonder how I live to still see another day. But I don’t want to remember 2009 on a sad note, even as I would bid it goodbye mad and hurting.

I guess, I just want to be thankful that things happened the way they did to teach me valuable lessons in life. I learned about career, friends and love. I learned about the importance of family and true friends. I learned about taking risks and not being afraid to fail. I learned about taking the blame and not being ashamed. I learned that people can change in a blink of an eye, no matter how close you think you are. I learned that love can die. I learned that weddings can never push through, and some things you watch in movies really happen. I learned that power can really eat you up. And I learned that forgiveness is difficult, if the pain is too deep.

Most of all, I learned and re-learned that I am as strong and tough as those people close to me think me to be. I re-discovered my passion and would move heaven and earth just to get it back. 2009 has indeed been life-changing, because I found myself again.

Welcome, 2010. Bring it on. =)