Being FAT

As of today, I am still eight (8) pounds overweight. I am having a HARD time losing weight. I’ve tried everything- gym, running, situps, fruit dinner, cutting down on rice, no rice.

I lost 7 pounds and gained it all back in a few weeks time.

What the heck is wrong? How do I really lose all this weight?

It would also seem that the more I try to stop myself from eating, the more I eat.

Maybe if I blogged about this and admitted it, I’d finally lose weight.

So okay here it is. Yes, I am FAT. I am overweight for my height. I do not have a 24-inch waistline, no abs to flaunt, have tons of dimple cellulites on my legs.

And I bet if I don’t lose weight by December, I’d be a bulging, blushing bride.

(Here’s crossing my fingers I finally get enough courage to REALLY, ACTUALLY lose weight.)

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One year back at GMA7

For the first time in my life on Feb 26,2010- I had the chance to pray inside Quiapo Church. I was at an uncertain point then- felt lost in the midst of a big change I’ve just undergone.

While I was inside the Church, I silently asked the miraculous Black Nazarene to grant my heart’s desire. I left the Church with a very strong faith, that He will hear me.

The next day, I got the call I’ve been waiting for. I got accepted back at GMA7 that day.

Today, I marked my first year back in the job I love doing.

Yes, time went by so fast- and it’s already been a year since I was blessed with a second chance at doing what I love- my media work.

As I look back today at the last 12 months, I could not help but be grateful. I also could not help but be proud of how best I have survived all the challenges that came with the job.

Despite and amidst all the little disappointments and heartaches that come with any other job- I am thankful that God gave me this blessing. He alone truly knows what is best, and when it is the best time to answer our prayers.

In just a span of one year, I know I’ve started to bloom where I’ve been planted, just as I have planned.

I am now covering the Senate and enjoying my time while learning a lot on the job.

But the biggest change I’ve embarked was having to let my guard down.

I’ve allowed everyone-including those who have not been that nice to me in the past, a 2nd chance at building a friendship.

And I think it was one of the few things I did right.

Because apart from all the opportunities I have been given at work- such as being assigned to big stories, covering controversial personalities, I am happiest about the old and new friendships.

So let me say thank you to you, for all you’ve done for me.
Thank you Julius, JP, Steve, Ate Pia, Mariz, MarkS for the unwavering friendship. Thank you Kara for the one we’ve started to built. Thank you to all my bosses, the crew for all the good things.

Of course, thank you to my fiance and my Mom, for always believing in me.

Looking back now, no time was ever lost- because I’ve made the most out of the past year I’ve been back.

And yes,this is just the beginning of better things to come.

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A Difficult Breakup

This morning we were set to part ways.

Our breakup was something we knew was coming since May or June this year. We’ve prepared ourselves for this day- by not seeing each other as often as before, or spending time together.

But just when I thought we both were ready for this- he acts up, as if asking me to take him back in my arms. And yes, the sucker for love in me accepts him back- with arms wide open, as the song goes.

Meet my Mac.

I was supposed to sell Mac today to a colleague. Before I did, I made sure it was up and running (save for the useless battery and charger). But as soon as I plugged it into the socket (using my sister’s charger), Mac won’t open up.

It took it more than 30 minutes to finally start up. I took it as a sign, that Mac wasn’t ready as I thought it was, to let me go.

But on second thought I would say, that it must have been me who wasn’t. I wasn’t ready to let go of my Mac despite the headaches it has given me. I wasn’t ready to let it go- because it has been my constant companion, maybe the most constant companion I’ve ever had since I secluded myself from socializing with friends some years back.

It has been witness to my joys, and my pains. It saw me laugh and cry. And the stains on the cover of my white Mac are proof of lazy days and nights, of times when I was too childish to care about anything- yes, even Mac.

Like any other breakup- I wanted to let Mac go because it has been causing me so much pain. I didn’t want to spend extra money to buy another charger and battery (which together costs P12,000) or spend another 500 bucks just to get the CD player running. I didn’t want to buy a new cover to cover up the stains, or spend another thousand to buy a good laptop cleaner.

I was hoping against hope that money to make it look brand new would just fall from the heavens- and yes, the iPad my iPad I named pink was also taking my attention away from the good old reliable Mac.

And so I thought letting it go would end all my problems. Of course it will, because by then it would be somebody else’s problem to answer the repair costs. But then, the bottom line is- I WILL MISS MY MAC.

Just seeing it open up this morning after a good 30 minutes or so, brought back memories of the very first day I saw it. It brought back memories of the day I couldn’t let it leave my fingertips. I remember the days I first played with photo booth, the nights I would download software updates, and the days I would wish I can save enough money to buy it a really pretty laptop bag.

I don’t really believe in second chances, but because my Mac has been that reliable- probably, more reliable and constant than any friend or boyfriend I’ve ever had, I am willing to take it back the second, third, fourth or even 100th time.

Of course, as long as it is alive too.