Thirty things to do before I turn 30 (Part 2)

This is not to say that I have actually achieved all the things I ear lie set out myself to do before hitting the mark. Yes, to this day, I am struggling- let me make that STRUGGLING to keep up with my wish list.

The hardest to fulfill is getting my pre- media weight and waistline back.

Ok, so much for stress at such an early part of a new blog entry.

So here are my the goals and to- do:

11) Save up for a car of my own.
I initially wanted to learn how to drive again right? So I guess after fulfilling that to-do, next logical thing to do is buy my own car. I have been eyeing a Mazda 3 Black since I can remember, our Toyota Fortuner still makes me want to work harder so that I can drive my own, and I am loving the new Volkswagen cars!

12) Go back to school.
I have been missing graduate school since I stopped last year. Early this year I ditched getting back to school again, because my fate led me back to the profession that I believe is truly my calling. While I am having the best time of my life back as a reporter for the Kapuso network, I still want to get a master’s degree. Maybe this time, the Ateneo Center for Journalism can give me that scholarship I was denied just because I wasn’t a media practitioner when I first tried to get one. Oh dear heavens, grant me this wish.

13) Get married, seriously.
I just want to walk down the aisle in a simple tube white wedding gown, with a Spanish inspired garden reception. I want to be a beautiful June bride. First off, the wedding MUST push through this time. Runaway would-be grooms are a no-no.

14) Visit Batanes.
This is my ultimate vacation destination, one pride of my country that I really want to see. I will save for you, Batanes.

15) Get a US Visa and see Disneyland and Las Vegas.
I am keeping my fingers crossed that I get my visa before the year ends or early 2011. I am itching to see America, and visit friends Schenley and Shyla there. When I get to America, I will take a photo of myself by the golden gate bridge, statue of liberty and play out in the snow. Then, I can start saving for Europe. 🙂


Second Chances :)

I’m not a believer of second chances. Well, at least when it comes to love.

With what just happened to me recently career-wise, I am now a convert. Yes to second chances. Yes to taking risks. Yes to God’s wonderful plan for us, if we just let Him.
Yes, I am back, Kapuso.

Gosh, the last time I used this photo was March 2008 when I left GMA7. Now, I am re-posting the photo as a Kapuso balikbayan in 2010. Thank you, Lord. 🙂 Thank you!