Being FAT

As of today, I am still eight (8) pounds overweight. I am having a HARD time losing weight. I’ve tried everything- gym, running, situps, fruit dinner, cutting down on rice, no rice.

I lost 7 pounds and gained it all back in a few weeks time.

What the heck is wrong? How do I really lose all this weight?

It would also seem that the more I try to stop myself from eating, the more I eat.

Maybe if I blogged about this and admitted it, I’d finally lose weight.

So okay here it is. Yes, I am FAT. I am overweight for my height. I do not have a 24-inch waistline, no abs to flaunt, have tons of dimple cellulites on my legs.

And I bet if I don’t lose weight by December, I’d be a bulging, blushing bride.

(Here’s crossing my fingers I finally get enough courage to REALLY, ACTUALLY lose weight.)

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2 thoughts on “Being FAT

  1. Nek says:

    The last 10 pounds is really the hardest to lose, and it’s easy to get frustrated about it. Just keep at it and you’ll find something that works for you. 🙂

  2. pxazun says:

    Oh hello there fat diva. Just kidding! You do not look fat at all, you’re perfect!

    But since you said so, if you are really serious in losing those extra pounds, here is what you gotta do. Stop thinking about losing it. You’ll only stress yourself out and tend to eat more (unconsciously). Hit the gym for the sake of it and avoid restaurants. Then live normally. 🙂 If everything fails, go back to step 1. Good luck Lia!

    Source: My wife.

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