Being Grateful

My 28th birthday this year would mean the world to me.

Not only will it be about turning another year older, or doing my literacy outreach for the 3rd consecutive time- but it’s about being so grateful and blessed for all that’s been and will come in my life.

True enough, God made sure that my last single birthday would be one I would never forget.

My Mom taught me well, and she taught me to follow my heart all the time. I know I’ve stumbled and took some detours along the way- but because God was very good to me, He picked me up and led me back to where I was meant to be. My Mom always knew I’d come home to Journalism and I’m so glad I did.

At this age, I’ve fulfilled my childhood dream of being a Journalist and fulfilled my parents’ and grandparents’ dream of being more than I wanted to be.

And God gave me the best gifts- my family, my fiance and my career.

“You’ve gotta follow your road… And maybe someday your road will take you far away…”

To those who hate me, forgive me if I seem to rub it in- but my heart is just overflowing with gratitude for everything I have now.

Just as what is written in an email Mom forwarded to me a few weeks back- it’s always nice to be thankful so that the universe smiles back at you and give you more.

Thank you,Universe! You make turning a year older something to look forward to! 🙂

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One thought on “Being Grateful

  1. bagoy says:

    happy birthday. It’s a reminder for me thankful always. thanks.

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