Unexpected Blessings

You know the saying when it rains, it pours? Well in the last few months it seems as if the heavens showered me a heavy downpour of blessings.

People close to me very well know how I never even dreamed of being on television. Yes, my childhood dream was to become a Journalist- but the dream was vivid to me that I merely wanted to be behind the scenes writing. This is why when I applied in RPN9, fresh from College Graduation, I asked for a writer position. But as they say now, the rest is history.

While I never imagined I’d ever be in front of TV delivering news reports, I always did my best when I was finally given the chance. Primary motivation in mind was not really to impress anyone- but to impress myself. I’m the type of person who would feel more ashamed knowing I didn’t do my best, than hear bad comments from other people. I feel I am myself’s worst critic. Like when I sing, unless I feel goosebumps hearing my own singing voice- I never stop practicing.

So what exactly was it on my mind when I tried out for the news updates anchor auditions? Simple- I just wanted to try it for myself, for the experience and so I won’t have any “what-ifs” on my mind.

So I went there donned w/ the basic makeup I knew, my red Eleksyon ’07 blazer for goodluck and the little confidence in myself. Of course, Eder was there to support.

Little did I know nor expect that I’d make it. The beauty of knowing you got something, lies in the fact that you didn’t expect it to happen. God truly works wonders.

20110605-105318.jpgApril 18,2011 GMANewsTV

20110605-105516.jpgJune 2,2011 Flash Report GMA7

To this day, while I’ve done anchor duties for NewsTV Live and Flash Report recently, I still can’t believe I’m doing something I never imagined I could. This was my father and grandma’s dream for me- and I actually made it happen.

I am humbled by the opportunity I was given and I pray the Lord guides me as I tread this path. The Lord has been so good,that I am lost for words to thank Him enough. ♥

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