Forever Friends

If there’s a record holder for the most number of burned bridges, I’d probably in the running. God knows how quickly I gain and lose friends, and exactly how much have come and gone in my life.

And you shouldn’t be surprised.

If your personality’s the same as mine, you’d be lucky if you have a lot of friends willing to put up with you. I’m the loudest, most talkative, insensitive (I’m usually unaware that I am already hurting someone), frank (often taklesa), slow (I don’t easily get jokes), demanding (as in) and possessive friend you will ever know.

And so while the thought of every burnt bridge hurts me, I have developed a certain kind of insensitivity that it too shall pass. Hey, I’d tell myself, you’ve been here before and survived- what makes you think you can’t now?

But for all the evilness that I am and I have, God has been kind enough to lend me a few good people I can truly call my friends.

They have stood the test of time, distance and differences in almost everything- from the careers we have chosen, the relationships we have entered into, to the simplest things like where we want to eat and what we want to wear.

If not for the one thing in common we all have that bonded us together- I wouldn’t have this blog to write, and a friendship to brag about. Thank you music, for bringing into my life my three bestest best friends.

We call ourselves BerMeCzaSh– one syllable for each of us taken from our first names.

BER is Bernise, or Nice
ME is for Melissa, my first name
CZA for Czarina, Twinkle’s first name
SH is for Shyla

I have been friends with Twinkle since we were in Nursery. But as a group our friendship began in 2nd grade. We were all part of the chorale in St. Theresa’s College. Yes, you bet, the four of us would always sing during school programs. When we reached High School, it was our sections that always competed with each other in the annual Song Festival- and yes, the winners would always be the three of us.

In second year high school, Shyla left for the US and didn’t came back until a few years ago- all grown up, married and with a child.

But while distance and time found us in different paths, (Nice is into marketing, I am into journalism, Twinkle still sings but is working as a sales person, and Shyla is a nurse in the US), the friendship never changed.

We would always update each other, advise each other, listen to one another. We would always have a friend in each other that we can run to, cry to, laugh with.

When my world turned upside down two years ago, Shyla from thousand miles away woke me up with a phone call just to check on me. Nice and Twinkle hosted a dinner just to be with me.

Now, now that everything seems to be looking up for the four of us( Shyla and Nice are expectant moms, Twinkle finally found the man of her life, and I am getting married), I couldn’t help but be thankful to the Lord for the blessing of forever friends in these three girls.

I couldn’t help but look back at the last twenty years, yes, 20 years of making good music and wonderful friendship together.

I may not have as much friends as you do, but at least I am at peace knowing, that I have three of the best a friend can ever ask for.

[BerMeCzaSh, shown on pic as in the order of the name. Circa 2008]

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