When my brother got married

December’s the love month for my family. Finally, my brother got married last Dec 4! It was a simple wedding, but touching. All of us, his three sisters were crying as he was looking at his bride.

Yes, the boy who used to cry just to make me accompany him in the room because he was too scared of ghosts, the boy who used to make me kulit about talking to him ’till we both fall asleep– that boy is now a man and is making a lifetime commitment of marriage.

Everything flashbacked upon me- all the things we used to do when we were younger.

He slept with me in my room ’till we were about 12yrs old. He told me about his first kiss, and boy, I still remember the sparkle in his eyes! It was I who first knew he joined a fraternity group in High School, he told me about it while we were hearing mass. And yes, I was the first to know that he was going to be a Dad.

For 7 years, it was just me and Oneil. We went thru a lot together, and we truly love each other. Although I never lost my brother, and even though we’ve had arguments here and there- I love him dearly for all that he is and he is not.

I know that my little brother will be a better husband and father. And I’m proud of him, even now.

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