Hydrophobic no more

I still remember the day my father tried to teach me how to swim.
It was a fine day at the beach where we went for their company outing and I was about 8 or 9years old back then. He pulled me by the hand tried to dip me into the water- and it felt like drowning. 

I gasped for air. I struggled. 
Since then, I’ve been hydrophobic the rest of my

My fear of water was THAT bad that I couldn’t even stand a shower. Running water on my chest always made me feel I could die any minute. It was THAT bad. 

So what could I be thinking when finally I decided to take the risk of learning how to swim?

Well, I initially thought I wanted to finally do it so that I don’t miss out of town coverages for work, just because I don’t goddamn know how to swim.

But as the days went by, I knew it was more than work-related. I was doing it because I had to face my fear and prove something to myself.

I tell you, it wasn’t east to convince myself that I need to do it. I thought of all sorts of excuses to go on with my fear. But my heart knew better, and it proved to be tougher than I thought.

For when my mind would fail me in thinking that I can survive, my heart pushed me to swim. I guess it also helped that Coach Sarie talked me first out of the fear that she said, was just in my head.

True enough, soon as I put my heart into it- I was able to float for the very first time in my life.

10 minutes into my floating lessons and boy, was I enjoying it too much! Coach Sarie would give me instructions and I would be floating in water before she could finish her sentence. I was too thrilled to learn and explore the waters- like never before. I was like a child looking for my feet on the pool’s flooring, because I couldn’t believe I was finally floating.

Thinking back, I give myself more than a pat on the shoulder for taking this leap of faith and conquering my fear of water. It’s a feat I never thought I can achieve, knowing how scared I was to even try.
While I am yet to learn actual swimming (those strokes and all), I take pride in knowing that I have taken the first step.

As my friend Mitzi said, it is indeed never too late to learn how to swim. And it is never too late to go beyond one’s limits. Like I’d say in my previous blog, never too late to go across borders, and beyond corners.

One thought on “Hydrophobic no more

  1. Thea Alberto says:

    liaaaaaaaaa!!! congrats!!!! 🙂 swimming is really fun 😀 so glad you did it! 🙂

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