Finding love again

When the world came crashing down on me, he held my hand. How can I not love this man?

He and I are opposites – he can ride ferriswheels and roller coaster rides laughing while I die inside of fear; he drives around and bikes and swims while I fold up at the thought of each of these. He likes Jackie Chan and I don’t get it. He is quiet and I am not. He couldn’t eat any meal without making his own sawsawan (sili with patis) while I don’t dip any dish in any sauce at all.

These may really be very trivial stuff but isn’t it that it’s the small things that make a lot of difference?

It’s in these small things that we measure patience, understanding, trust and love.

I went against my fear and rode the space shuttle ride in Enchanted Kingdom because he said he was just there beside me. And though I threw up afterwards, it was the happiest 30 seconds of fear in my life.

Just recently I granted his request to dip myself underwater for a few seconds to slowly conquer my hydrophobia, he held my hand through that ordeal.

I am blessed, as always to have found this kind of love. But I feel I am being blessed even more because it was he that was given to me.

My life could have been written differently by now, but thanks to fate, my love we found each other just in time. I couldn’t have forgiven myself if I made that mistake of choosing someone else.

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