Blessed :)

April 1, 2010– Holy Thursday officially marked the last 30 days since I returned to the Kapuso network. And while I feel like a newbie in every way, it somehow felt like I never left at all.

Thanks to my friends and colleagues who made the comeback easier for me. Really, I have never felt more welcome in GMA-7 than this second time around.

Thanks to my bosses- M’ Grace,  M’ Tex, M’ Jess and M’ Marissa — for the second chance. It’s not like everyone’s being given another shot, I guess I’m just one of the lucky few.

But most of all I thank my family, my Mom for encouraging me to pursue my passion. They were there to understand reasons I kept to myself. They were there to give me support. And up until now, my Mom remains to be my number one fan- texting everyone she knows and boasting to everyone she knows about her reporter daughter back on TV.

I am grateful and blessed too, to have a supportive boyfriend. Eder believed since the first day I stepped back inside the halls of GMA 7 that I will be able to return. He prayed with me, he waited with me, and on that day I got the good news- he was the first to be there rejoicing with me. Everyday, he fetches me from work, although at times I get off at past midnight. He always watches my reports, constructively criticizes the way I delivered my news or how I looked. He understands and tries his best to understand, amidst and despite little shortcomings. And I guess the best thing he has told me the last 30 days is that he wants to see me doing what I love doing forever.

To quote a line I came across Twitter last week, “sometimes we are given a second chance because we weren’t quite ready for the first.” I believe that line to be true especially for me. I know in my heart that this second chance is a blessing I was given in God’s perfect time. He saw it fit finally and He made all things possible to initiate the comeback.

Although the road to this were long and windy and were all but painful and difficult, God never left my side. Indeed, everything happens for a reason, and if you can see right through me, you won’t see any trace of bitterness at all. My heart is just overflowing with happiness and gratitude.

Forgive me for being too sentimental about this but I guess you will only understand how it really feels to be back, if you’ve been lost once. Probably, you will only understand the joy of coming to work, doing what you really love to do- if you’ve been forced once to leave it all behind. Or maybe you will understand if you’ve moved heaven and hell just to prove again that you are worth another try.

I won’t expect any of you to congratulate me, or empathize with my happiness. I guess I just wanted to share with you the joy of coming back, as much as I have shared with you my pains in the past.

God has been so good. And finally I have come back home.


2 thoughts on “Blessed :)

  1. Abbie says:

    Only got to visit your blog now. I’m genuinely happy for you, Lia. Here’s to doing what you love forever. (“,)

  2. Jamelle says:

    Hello, Ms. Lia. I find your blog a good read 🙂 I also want to be a broadcast journalist like you, it’s my greatest dream. How were you able to make it there?

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