Raise up Literacy, Donate a Dictionary! :)

Today, exactly 120 days before my birthday, I am re-launching my version of the Philippines Dicitonary Project.
Last year, through the help of very generous friends and colleagues, we raised 106 dictionaries that were distributed to the indigenous kids from Davao and the deaf kids from the Phil. Institute for the Deaf here in Manila.

This year, the founder and my good friend Ms. Nina Patawaran shared with me the good news that the De La Salle University has adopted the project as part of the Centennial celebration. DLSU is and will be the very first Metro Manila Dictionary bank for all interested donors.

I am a half-blooded La Sallite, a full-blooded Thomasian and Theresian and I fully support this endeavor. I feel that it is our mission to help make kids literate in our country, for them to be able to support themselves someday, and to make a decent living. As we raise up literacy in this country, we do not only help them uplift their lives but we make a valuable contribution to helping raise up our country as well.

And so I am again appealing to your kind hearts, to please help me with this project. We have 120 days to raise 120 dictionaries to top off our last year’s count. God willing, we will be able to help 120 metro manila schools in no time.

For those interested, you may PM me for further details regarding your donations. Just like last year, I shall document every step of this project.

Let’s change lives. =)


One thought on “Raise up Literacy, Donate a Dictionary! :)

  1. eternalitch says:

    Hey Lia. Nice project. I’ll pledge 3 school dictionaries.

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