Thirty things to do before I turn 30 (Part 1)

I never looked forward to birthdays. But because my boyfriend is turning 30, and my life seems not to have any direction as of the moment…. I suddenly realized that I am scared of turning 30 myself in err… 3 years? A witty conversation with a fellow journalist, Ms. Jaileen Jimeno suddenly got me thinking that turning 30 is not bad after all. So as early as now,  75 months ahead of that day… I want to start writing down things that I seriously want to achieve before I turn 30.

Let’s just say that I consider turning 30 a milestone. And that I’m really getting really…. O-L-D.


1. Seriously start building a career I want to do for the rest of my life. Yes, not just a job. No more settling for any job that will come my way. This time, I will pursue my dreams and fulfill my goals.

2. Fatten my bank account. A 5-digit savings figure is already okay for me. I’d be really thrilled I get to save more than that, whew! So I guess I really need to lessen expenses on unnecessary stuff such as my phone bills. I want to have a decent bank account before I even start making babies

3. Rent. I really want to try living on my own even for a short while in a condo or an apartment before I get hitched. Thank you, Lord, I know I still have time to fulfill this goal. I want to learn and try new things on my own. I want to be responsible by doing this.

4. Celebrate my birthdays helping others. I am so happy and grateful to all those who helped more than 100 kids last year through Ms. Nina Patawaran’s Philippines Dictionary Project. I want to add more literate kids in this country by committing to celebrate my birthday in this way not only till I reach 30 but even beyond that. It always feels good to help others in little ways.)

5. Buy my Mom a TV set. Mom told me when I was in college that her only dream when she gets old is to buy herself a nice TV set while she spends her day watching me. Whether or not she watches me (of course she can watch other shows) when that day comes, I would want to buy my mom that TV set.

6. Stage a mini-concert. Oh yes, I love to sing! And though I didn’t pursue a career in singing (ahem, despite the encouragement of all of my high school teachers back then), I still dream of singing in front of a big audience. I would want to do a mini-concert, maybe a benefit concert for a charity, in front of friends and family. Hmm.. this gives me an idea for a birthday celebration!

7.  Learn how to drive. I have never driven a car on my own, this despite my attempt at taking up driving lessons 3 years ago. I swear I will learn how to drive. Paano na lang pag kaya ko na bumili ng kotse? Sayang naman.

8. Bike, swim and take up photography. My childhood traumas of biking and swimming have haunted me to this day. I am ashamed that I cannot enjoy biking or swimming. I need to let all these fears go and try again. Also, I want to go beyond clicking on my digital camera. A simple DSLR camera would be nice to bring with me in my future travels.

9. Drink tell I get drunk. Friends closest to me know that I was never allowed to do clubbing back in college. I’ve never really learned how to drink. In fact, a bottle of San Mig Light can already put me to sleep, and the next day leave me scratching my back. I just want to try, for the fun of it, get drunk. I could not imagine what I can do or how I would look like if and when I do get drunk.

10. Get my pre-working weight back: 24-inch waistline. No matter what I do, I just keep on getting bigger and bigger because of my innate katakawan. But I swear I want to be fit and slim again. I wanna do a Judy Ann transformation this year. Must get rid of baby fats all ov


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